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About the studio

PALAIS is an interdisciplinary design studio run by Brian Jeffcock.

The goal of PALAIS is to help great teams and founders through design. As a founder of several startups (and spending years on one company at a time) I’ve honed the roll I play and want to work with multiple companies in parallel.

I love designing new products and live for the rush of landing that first customer, or next big deal. There is nothing better than blowing a leads mind with your solution, and redefining an entire industry in the process.

PALAIS is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is currently accepting new clients

PALAIS is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is currently accepting new clients


We can design pretty much anything and have extensive experience in most areas.

· Branding & identity
· Product design and management
· Graphic design
· Growth marketing
· Mobile app design & strategy
· Funnel design and conversion optimization
· Industrial/product design
· Space/office design
· Race car liveries/automotive graphics
· Clothing design

Don't see it on the list above? We probably do it or know an industry leader who does.

Lectures & Presentations

Brian has given lectures and presentations at the following:

· Rowe School of Business - Dalhousie University
· NSCAD University - Undergrad & Masters of Design
· Sobey School of Business - Saint Mary's University
· Volta Labs - Startup Incubator
· Propel ICT - Startup Accelerator
· CTA@NYC - Startup Accelerator
· Collide Halifax Creative Technology Conference


"Speak with Brian about your project. You'll quickly find that he's the one inspiring you. His high energy, and happy attitude are infectious. He's creative, and he works fast. We co-founded a company together, so sitting next to him everyday I really got to know his process. He's super efficient with design tools. His intuition for colors and fonts is remarkable. He's just one of those people that is good at everything. I'm always impressed with what he accomplishes. Excited to see what he does for you!"

Gavin Uhma


Brian is a breath of fresh air!  He has an incredibly sincerely positive attitude.  He is passionate about his work.  There is nothing templated about his approach.  He is creative.  He dives deep.  Moves fast.  Works with his design tools like a magician!  Cuts incisively to the core value proposition.  Listens carefully, paying particular attention to the narrative but is not afraid to give or take input.  He takes great pride in his work.  And he keeps his eye on the ball — the target audience.  He was able to incorporate diverse inputs from the team and still deliver our company branding in incredibly short order and short notice that was instantly embraced by all.  It has really boosted team confidence and pride, not to mention maintained team harmony.  ;)

We can’t wait for our next project with Brian!

Mohamed Abdolell
CEO & Founder
Densitas Inc.


"Working with Brian on our branding, website and product design has been an amazing experience. Brian took the time to understand Swell's objectives, our culture, our customer's workflow, our customer's culture and how we're providing value through our product. Not only is he a lot of fun to work with, the passion that he brings to his work is palatable. We recommend Brian every time someone asks us where they can find a kick-ass designer."

Iaian Archibald
Swell Advantage


"Brian's work ethic and enthusiasm is contagious, his creativity and ability to align a founders vision with business goals is highly recognized. As former Alumni Atlantic Canada's Accelerator Propel ICT, Brian's give back attitude was a tremendous help as he mentored and provided ongoing guidance to cohort members. Brian's ability to to extract an idea and deliver the vision is a true art form."

Gillian McCrae


"I've known Brian over the course of the past 5 years. Brian is a super talented designer and entrepreneur. When I was pivoting our vision to ARTERNAL, I asked Brian for help designing a new logo that would speak to our B2B audience of art gallery owners and private art dealers. In quick fashion he surveyed the websites of our target demographic and effortlessly created a logo that has extended throughout our entire brand. When we needed a place to start the essence of what a client relationship management tool in the art world would look like, again, I went to Brian to seek his advice on our initial wireframes. He delivered a great starting point for us, from which we've grown into a full-fledged product that is the leading tool for art dealers."

 – Sean Green



"Brian is an energetic and solid person. I am sure I would enjoy having him, his enthusiasm and design talent on my team. I would like to relate something that I witnessed that, I think, illustrates important aspects of Brian’s being.

While attending an Empathy Factory program a few years ago (Accelerating : Empathy to be precise) I got to know Brian a little better. The event can be described as a “Start-up Weekend” for high school kids that put ideas forward to make the world a better place. At the end of two days participants have a social enterprise idea they can pitch. Brian was a volunteer at one such event.

When Brian walked into the event hall, teams were already formed. He joined a team of one – a young woman deeply committed to her idea. AND despite not having other team members with her, she believed so deeply in her idea she decided to not part with her idea and join another group. Brian became the team she didn’t have.

With computer in hand and his steady and calming mentoring way, Brian helped bring the very best out of this student. He helped showcase the idea using his design talents and helped instill the confidence in this quiet and shy person which allowed her to present and defend her idea admirably in front of a panel of judges and peers. The fact that she won the pitch competition is very much a side not for me (though important). What I will remember are the leadership, energy and team building qualities Brian showed that day and which qualities propelled a shy young person forward, helping her overcome the odds and her own inner voice. Wouldn’t you want Brian on your team to help you?"

Bill Power


"Usually, when it comes to building technical interfaces, it's a trade off between an easy and intuitive interface or one that provides useful information. However, Brian helped us achieve the impossible: design an intuitive, modern and clean technical interface that delivered the right information at the right time and right place (and the right amount)."

Kianoosh Yazdani


"Passion defined. It's rare that you come cross standout talent like Brian. He is the definition of passion and I know very few people with his drive. Brian expertly filled the role of lead designer and VP of Product. As a team member, Brian earns my highest recommendation."

Ardi Iranmanesh